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We're thrilled to announce some exciting updates and integrations designed to enhance your experience and streamline your app development process. Here's what's new:
SmartSuite Integration
SmartSuite, a leading work management platform, is now seamlessly integrated with Jet Admin, our business app building platform. This collaboration opens up new avenues for developing both internal and customer-facing apps, powered by SmartSuite's versatile data management capabilities. Start enhancing your app development with this powerful integration today.
Switch to GPT4 from GPT3.5
We've enhanced our OpenAI integration by incorporating the latest model, GPT-4, into our platform. This update brings unparalleled AI capabilities to your app development process, enabling more sophisticated data analysis and interaction features. Dive into the future of AI-driven app development with our updated OpenAI integration today.
Action confirmation dialogs
Customize your app's interactions with our new action confirmation dialog feature! Now, you can tailor confirmation dialogs for any action, providing a clearer and more personalized experience for your users. Elevate your app's usability by implementing customizable dialogs today.
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With just ONE click, import your Figma designs directly into Jet Admin! Transform your static designs into sleek, ready-for-launch web apps effortlessly with our Figma to Jet plugin. 🌐✨ Say goodbye to tedious processes - our plugin allows you to convert your static designs into pristine, production-ready Jet components seamlessly. Plus, enhance your projects with Jet Interactions, seamlessly integrate your data, and hit publish with a single click to bring your fully functional web apps to life! 🖱️💥 Get ready to streamline your workflow.
🚀 We're excited to introduce Component Designer! This powerful tool is a game-changer for anyone looking to design custom, pixel-perfect components for their applications. Explore how Component Designer enables you to create, design, and modify components with many options. Get ready to dive into creating components, providing states, styling, intuitive event handling, and seamless data connections, including REST, GraphQL, and more. Plus, we'll look at how you can directly import from Figma & Sketch to enhance your design process.
🎨 Learn more about Component Designer:
Upload files to Xano from the Jet Admin's app builder with no further setup
Upload files to Xano from the Jet Admin's app builder with no further setup
Jet's grouped records feature enables you to present your records grouped by one or multiple fields of your preference. Moreover, this feature can be utilized to produce reports.
Frame 540
Set a home page for you app. Select a specific page, default to the first page in your app menu, or set up a workflow to funnel users to different home pages. For example, send new users to a welcome page and returning ones to their dashboard.
Frame 534
Meet Variables 🚀
Variables allow you to store and manage data within your web application.
You can store values, such as text, numbers, booleans, arrays, or objects that can be used and manipulated throughout your application. You can use variables to dynamically update content, interact with data from external sources, or control the behavior of your website's elements and components.
Frame 460
Add a splash of color to your app with our newly-updated Accent Color feature. Improved customization allows you to easily change the color of your app's buttons and other design elements to match your brand or personal style. You can choose from a variety of pre-defined color palettes or create your own custom color scheme.
Frame 458
We've added a new feature that allows for multipart encoding when uploading files. This means that you can now upload files with more complex data structures, such as images with captions or videos with metadata. We believe this will be a game-changer for users who need to upload files with additional information.
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