Text to SQL
text to sql
Jet's new Text-to-SQL function uses OpenAI to let you create custom SQL queries by simply writing in normal language. This feature makes it easier for app builders to create complex queries without having to learn SQL syntax. With this update, you can generate SQL queries from natural language input and save a lot of time and effort.
Tabs Visibility
tabs visibility
Navigation is key to a great user experience, and that's why we've added tabs. With tabs, your users will be able to seamlessly switch between different pages of the app without having to go back and forth. Try adding tabs to make your app more organized, attractive, and user-friendly!
Blend Data
blend data
Our Blend Data feature allows you to combine data from multiple sources in one table! This adds usability to your app by keeping all the information you need in one element, and it keeps related data from different sources synced up.
Keep your data organized and safe with up to 20GB of storage allowance for all kinds of files, including images, videos, documents, and pdfs. Easily upload content directly onto Jet Admin or sync from external sources like S3 - it's never been simpler!
Jet Tables API
Jet Tables API makes extending your apps and accessing Jet Admin outside of the app easy. In just a few clicks, you can get access to lists of records and individual records, create new rows, or update/delete existing ones through a RESTful interface. Make working with data more efficient in no time!
Frame 309
Unleash time zone capabilities for your app! With Date Time and other components, you can easily manage users' time differences in order to make sure everyone is staying current with their local times. You'll be good-to-go between zones before you know it!
Upload Files to Xano
Now you can upload files to your Xano storage right from Jet. This new feature allows you to do this as an app-builder from the resource page, or as an app-user by dropping a file into a Form component.
MariaDB Integration
Say hello to MariaDB. Jet Admin's new integration with MariaDB is one more way that Jet helps you use your data to create apps quickly and easily. Try it out now - go to the Data tab in your Jet Admin and choose MariaDB.
Snowflake Integration
Snowflake is here. Now you can use Snowflake with Jet Admin as a quick and user-friendly way of building your app. Test it out now - go to the Data tab in your Jet Admin and choose Snowflake.
Lookup & Rollup and Computed Fields
Now you can "look" into the related table without SQL or any code. Just link the tables or connected the resource with already established relations and use
Lookups and Rollups
through a point-and-click interface. Or set a custom function with
Computed field
👩‍🎓 More about Lookups & Rollups in our
👀 Look out for the upcoming version where you'll be able to use Lookups and Rollups
across multiple data sources
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